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    For the last 7-8 years the Association has done lot of activities in the city mainly the following;

    Distribution of new blankets

    Distribution of new blankets to the needy every year during winter nearly to 150 persons

    Running Chalivendram

    Running Chalivendram opposite to Maitrivanam having displayed social evils, reasons and solutions;

    Fruits Distribution

    Distributed fruits and other food items in TB Hospital

    Distribution of long note books

    Distribution of long note books and uniforms to nearly 400 students in Govt., schools

    Blood Donation

    Blood Donation camps in Siddartha Nagar Community hall;

    Clean and Green programmes

    Many Clean and Green programs are also held by us

    Medical camps

    Medical camps organized in Jawahar Nagar

    Diagnostic camp

    Diagnostic camp by Jagruthi Diagnostics in Siddartha Nagar

    Cancer awareness camp

    Cancer awareness camp in Siddartha Nagar Community hall

    And so many other activities the Association has been doing in the city for the last 8-9 years in the city

    When the problems are many more number of people is required to solve the issues. We request all of you to join in the organization as member to serve the society in a better manner to the possible extent. Not joining yourselves as member try to encourage others to become member with chain effect.